From Production to sale, the flow remains uninterrupted, when capacity to hold the inventory is optimum. That is where Warehouse Management plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of any manufacturing company capturing, in the market. This is more so ever with large trading companies also. The availability of Warehouses and trained people to manage the warehouses, is that way a critical factor, for any large establishment dealings with any type of products.

Warehouses and store Departments, today employ large number of people to operate these facilities. Where are the people required for this segment getting trained, is the moot question. There are empty number of Logistics courses, whereas transportation which is the main topic in logistics gets culminated with warehouses and that need to be attended independently. Similarly, procurement precedes warehousing and lots of people are required to work in the area of procurement as products from anywhere across the world can now be easily sourced. Undoubtedly ISSD’s Diploma in Warehouse & Procurement Management bridges the gap in a big way in this area