ISSD's vision is to be a global leader in providing excellent knowledge and skill empowerment, and to be the first provider in every new domain identified, resulting from a dynamic and industry-based research in acquiring the current and future needs and expectations of the industries.


ISSD is committed to impart quality skill and knowledge training hitherto unexplored fields and strongly believes in sustained growth, upholding quality of students rolled out rather than business volume and shoulders the responsibility of hunting for jobs with the concept of reverse process of admitting students only based on definite job demands.

About Us


International School of Skill Development is undoubtedly an excellent cradle for skill development. We have identified certain specific areas of skills which would fetch the participants a job in India and Abroad. Our initiative was in identifying such areas where huge number of people are required to work and then develop a skill orientation programme which would fetch them, these jobs smoothly. In this endeavour, we are very fortunate in roping in the services of Mr. M.V.Thomas, as our C.E.O . He has had around 30 years of experience in identifying new areas of skills which would fetch the participants a useful tool in reaching up to a lucrative career. He has been employed by us in hunting areas of skills hitherto untouched by training outfits anywhere in India. His experience and success as Ex-Founder Director of NIFE in identifying and developing courses like Fire & Safety, Lift Technology, and Fibre Optics is what would provide us a launching pad in unfolding fresh areas of skill-oriented programmes.

ISSD is committed to moulding and developing skills that would fetch a job. Syllabus for the various courses we conduct have been framed with the focussed view of fetching a job. That is our dedicated motto. How well can we enhance the skills of students, that would enable them in obtaining a job. Faculties have been selected with the singular motto of, how good are they in teaching the students, the job. Text books have been designed by including only such information’s that would be useful for fetching a job. Equipments required for practical’s have been provided with the view of, what equipments they would be working on when they get a job. In short, the whole organisation right from the CEO down to every staff working with us are focussed on to the singular task of how well we can enhance the employment potential of our students.

ISSD has selected three areas of skills which are pregnant with immense job opportunities:







Immense job opportunities are existing in these fields all over India and Abroad. Our strength lies in having identified such areas of job where skill-oriented training was lacking. We are superb in the area of teaching under the guidance of our CEO who comes in with over 30 years of experience in conducting such job-oriented courses.

In fact the best of our expertise is in the area of placement. We have an excellent and powerful placement department to ensure that every opening in Hospital Administration, Warehouse Management that comes up in India and Abroad is promptly brought to the attention of our students. Undoubtedly the experience of our CEO in the area of placement, which he has inherited from his experience of over 30 years in placing thousands of students in India and Abroad would enhance the placement possibilities of our students immensely. The placements we have already achieved for our students is a clear testimony to this strength.


ISSD Courses, Hospital Administration and Warehouse Management have been recognised by TUV SUD with effect from 11/08/2020. TUV SUD, is originally from Germany and is one of the oldest certifying authorities across the world. The issue of TUV SUD certificate is subject to the students passing the examination conducted by them.

ISSD is an Authorized Skill Development partner of JAINx – The Learning Hub. The Management Courses are approved by JAINx the official platform of Jain Deemed University which is ranked among the top universities in India and considered a smart destination for students across the world. JAINX in association of JAIN Deemed University which is a UGC Approved and Distance Education Board approved university approves, the ISSD courses.