This is a 1-year university-approved online course that provides knowledge in supply chain management, Warehouse management & Logistics including buying, inventory control, supplier development, customer service, logistics, and distribution.

What is Supply Chain, Warehouse & Logistics Management?

Supply Chain, Warehouse, and Logistics Management are interconnected fields essential for the efficient movement and storage of goods from origin to consumption. Supply Chain Management (SCM) oversees the entire production flow, from planning and sourcing raw materials to delivering the final product, aiming to optimise operations and reduce costs. Within SCM, Warehouse Management focuses on the storage, retrieval, and management of goods, ensuring efficient inventory control, optimized warehouse layouts, and streamlined order fulfilment processes. This helps minimize costs, improve order accuracy, and ensure safety and compliance. Logistics Management specifically addresses the transportation and distribution of goods, planning and controlling their movement through various transportation modes to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery. It also includes reverse logistics for managing returns. The integration of these fields ensures a seamless flow of goods and information, leveraging technology and maintaining clear communication across all departments. This holistic approach enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction, ensuring that the entire supply chain operates harmoniously to meet market demands.

Why Diploma in Supply Chain, Warehouse & Logistics Management?

Pursuing a Diploma in Supply Chain, Warehouse, and Logistics Management is a valuable investment due to the high demand for skilled professionals in these fields as businesses seek to optimize operations. This diploma offers a comprehensive curriculum covering logistics, supply chain management, warehouse operations, inventory control, procurement, and distribution, ensuring a well-rounded understanding. Students can explore diverse career paths, such as Logistics Coordinator, Supply Chain Analyst, and Warehouse Manager, with skills applicable across industries like manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, and transportation. The program’s global relevance opens job opportunities both in India and internationally, providing a competitive edge in an interconnected world. Additionally, SAP training and on-the-job internships prepare students to leverage these tools for improved operational performance. Ultimately, this diploma equips professionals to enhance efficiency and reduce costs, making it an excellent choice for those aiming to make a significant impact in the logistics and supply chain industries. In our one-year program, you'll quickly gain skills for top jobs. We focus on industry needs, promoting fast career growth. Gain confidence as you adapt swiftly to market demands, propelling your professional journey toward success and advancement in just one year.

International Certificate and University Diploma Certificate: Dual Recognition of Your Education

Our Diploma in Supply Chain, Warehouse, and Logistics Management, approved by Arka JAIN University, a top-ranked institution in India, offers students a premier education. With strong interview support, including mock sessions and soft skills training, students are prepared for lucrative careers worldwide.
Additionally, they gain an international TUV SUD SOUTH ASIA certificate, underscoring the quality and relevance of our training programs, further enhancing their employability and standing as globally competitive professionals. Acquire expert knowledge and seize global job opportunities.

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Even though, ISSD does not guarantee placement, our dedicated team of over 30 staff members in the placement department ensures that every student receives personalized attention. We are proud to have successfully placed over 10,000 students to date for ISSD’s courses. This course provides excellent interview support, including mock interview sessions and soft skills training, to help students secure exciting, high-paying careers globally.


Yes. This is an Online Course. Study Materials and Lectures will be given by ISSD.
You need to qualify minimum +2 to attain Certificate/Diploma in hospital administration.


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