Fire creeps in anywhere uninvited. Once inside, if not controlled, it destroys everything around. That presupposes the need for early detection and warning of fire occurrence. As a result, today in every manufacturing units, and every multi-storeyed buildings a Fire Detection System is an absolute requirement insisted by statutory rules. That translates into a huge requirement of personnel required to work in the area of design and installation of Fire Alarm Systems anywhere across the world. Skill and knowledge of statutory rules are absolute prerequisites in shaping up the career of a Fire Alarm Engineer.

Naturally those who have experience in Designing Fire Alarm Systems, in installing Fire Alarm Systems as per the statutory requirements prevalent in every country is what emerges as an absolute prerequisite for an effective training in this field. That’s the real edge with ISSD. Its’s management has over 30 years of experience in designing and installing Fire Alarm Systems in India and Abroad.