Fire Alarm System is an integral part of any multi-storeyed building in India and Abroad. It is a statutory requirement. As per the building rules in India, any building more than 3 floors in height, installation of Fire Alarm System is compulsory. The building owner can obtain the occupation certificate from the municipality only on production of NOC from the local fire brigade. In abroad, it is required in every premises irrespective of the height of the building. As a result, too many people are required to work as Fire Alarm Technicians in India and abroad in installing, maintaining and commissioning Fire Alarm Systems.

Fire Alarm System basically consists of Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors and Control panel. The job of a Fire Alarm Technician is in installing the detectors, connecting it to the wiring, installing the panel, connecting all wirings coming from detectors to the panel, commissioning the panel, servicing the detectors and control panel periodically, attending to any trouble shooting events like false alarm. This is purely a technical job. THERE IS NO FIRE AND THERE IS NO FIRE FIGHTING HERE.

Fire Alarm Technician course is for a 2 months duration. It is a fully practical oriented programme where the participants would be taught the exact job by physically installing the detectors, connecting the detectors, installing the control panel and commissioning the control panel. An ideal programme for students at the level of Plus Two,ITI and Diploma holders.

The main attraction of this course is the salary you would get in India and abroad. In the Gulf countries, salaries for a fresher ranges between Rs.40000/- to R.45000/- per month. In India, it would be in the range of Rs.15000/- To Rs.20000/- per month.

# Qualification Duration



Basic qualification for this course is +2, ITI, Diploma.
The duration of this course is 2 Months.
You can earn 40,000 to 45,000 per Month especially in gulf countries. And in India it would be 15,000 to 20,000 Per Month
It is Mandatory to install Fire Alarms in Buildings in India and Abroad. So as a result, requirment will be high to maintain and install fire alarm systems.


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